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In every day normal life, it is not the exception but the rule that things do not always run smoothly

And: In most cases, we can deal with that!

Especially when our friends and family support us.

We must, however, be brave sometimes when we are at odds with ourselves – it requires some effort to seek help and to make use of it. A neutral perspective “from the outside” as well as an attentive listener can be the first step towards new horizons. And as we all know, every journey begins with the first step. 

In our Catholic University Communities (KHG), we support you with those first steps - through qualified counselling offers and an emergency fund to help you out of financial difficulties. These are both free of charge and are not tied to any denomination or religious affiliation. In addition to our services, you can make use of the offers of the telephone helpline and of the Caritas.

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