Catholic university communities on location



The Catholic University Communities (KHG) are a meeting point for students, teachers, and other staff members of the universities and higher education institutions within the Diocese of Speyer. They inherently see themselves as spaces of hospitality. In addition, they promote intercultural encounters and support students in their hands-on challenges as well as with the implementation of their ideas for projects. Through the KHG’s wide-ranging programme and the local presence of their staff members, these communities open up spaces for spiritual experience, intellectual conversations, and interdisciplinary exchange. Not least, they give locals as well as international students the possibility to feel at home in the town of their university.

The staff members of the universities’ pastoral counselling teams are available to all students as well as to all members of the universities and higher education institutions.

In ecumenical solidarity, the Catholic University Communities cooperate closely with the higher education institutions and universities of the Protestant Student Communities (ESG).