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Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst


Deutsches Studentenwerk

Erasmus Student Network

We are international!

The Catholic University Communities (KHG) are known for their internationality. Students from all over the world come together in the KHG. Here, everyone can contribute their own ideas, creativity, religions, and cultures. Mutual respect and open-mindedness are our priorities.

Come along and enrich our community with your perspectives. Broaden your own cultural horizons through unique encounters!

You are always welcome!

We advise international students in the areas of study problems and issues concerning the right of residence, employment law, integration challenges, and reintegration problems. In addition, we help in particular study situations and acute emergencies.

Counselling of students takes place once an appointment has been arranged via phone or e-mail.

Alongside useful information, limited financial help can be provided through our emergency fund in particular cases.

For questions of your studies, internships, residence permits etc, you can always turn to your IOs (International Offices) as well. They are there for your concerns. 

International offices:

Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz:


International Office in Landau:


International Office in Germersheim:


International Office in Ludwigshafen:


International Office in Speyer:


International Office in Neustadt: